accessible surveys

a survey tool for everyone

Making surveys genuinely accessible to all and ensuring every opinion gets counted in.

Accessible Surveys adapts to the individual needs and preference of the diversity of respondents, presenting questions in a range of ways that best suit the person answering the survey.

Accessible Surveys integrates advanced online survey features, with the goal to include every respondent. Accessible features were guided and tested by a diversity of persons with disabilities, in partnership with the International Disability Alliance.

Accessible surveys is a survey tool with a strong emphasis on accessibility.

It goes beyond accessibility standards by providing surveys that adapt to respondents individual needs.

The application strives to follow best accessibility standards for Accessible Rich Internet Applications and targets WCAG 2 AAA conformance level.

Main Features

Accessible Surveys includes the advanced features you you have come to expect from an expert survey tool.

Beyond this, what sets it apart is its capacity to adapt the way questions are presented and answered to suit the diverse requirements and preferences of the person answering the survey.

This includes choosing from a range of formats and languages, including accessing questions in sign language through videos, getting the questions read aloud, or in an easy to read format with side illustrations.

Advanced Survey Features

Ease of use and accessibility start with building a clear survey structure, which will help both the survey builder and respondents to navigate it.

Drag and Drop form builder, survey logic, survey preview and much more.

Easy Read

Some respondents, including people with intellectual disabilities, may prefer.

Provide an Easy Read version of the form and support understanding of questions with illustrations. Tooltips can help explain the meaning of words by providing a definition in plain language.

Sign Language

Add a sign language video for each question to include respondents who use sign language.

Read Aloud

Allow respondents who prefer to listen rather than read the questions to have them read aloud. At a speed and in the language that they choose.


As survey builder, interact with your dataset through interactive and dynamic dashboards, with filters and in real time as responses are collected.

Multi-Lingual Support

Survey builders can create surveys in multiple languages (including right to left) and automate translation to save time.

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